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Indoor Lighting That Can Transform Your Home

Lighting has seen many trends over the years, and even today we see a variety of styles and arrangements. Lighting has the ability to change a home, for better or worse. The wrong lighting can make your home appear outdated and dreary, but great lighting can quickly transform a room into an open space where everyone wants to spend time. Lighting essentially sets the mood of a room, so it’s important for any home or business owner to give it some consideration.

One lighting look that won’t be going out of style anytime soon is recessed lighting. Recessed lighting has been particularly popular for the last twenty years, and it’s noted as a preference among current homebuyers. This is credited to not just the pleasing look of recessed lighting, but also its functionality and tendency to improve home value. CMC Services Experts has been installing recessed lighting across Raleigh, Clayton, Durham, Fayetteville, and Chapel Hill for years, and we haven’t met a homeowner yet who didn’t love their recessed lighting transformation.

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Recessed Lighting’s Many Benefits

Recessed lighting tends to be preferred in homes and businesses today for several reasons. Done properly, it can completely transform a room and revamp an entire house.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Makes a room look larger – It does this by creating an uninterrupted view of the ceiling with nothing bulky or distracting hanging down, making the space appear more open.
  • Creates a “wall washing” affect –Not only does recessed lightning physically take up less room, but it also creates an attractive visual illusion known as “wall washing”, casting additional light through the right spacing pattern and the right type of trim.
  • Customizable –Recessed lighting can be tailored to your space to provide the appropriate amount of light in all the right areas.
  • Serves multiple uses – In addition to lighting your room, recessed lighting can also act as a spotlight. Instead of having a clunky light fixture focused on those shelves or cabinets you want to display, recessed lighting can draw focus without drawing away attention from where you want it.

Not a DIY Project

While some lighting projects you can do yourself, recessed lighting is not one of them. If you try to install recessed lighting, you risk both your safety and the look of your home. Attempting to install new wiring in a ceiling requires a combination of the right skills, training, and equipment. When you try to install it without these, not only are you looking at an extensive project, but you risk your safety as well. Don’t take on this complex task alone. When you choose CMC Services Expert to install your recessed lighting in Raleigh, we’ll finish the job quickly and get it done right.

Our Installation Process

Apart from taking out your current lighting, recessed lighting installation also involves designing, creating, and installing a new layout and electrical plan. This project requires the expertise of a trained electrician to ensure accurate and safe execution. CMC Services Expert’s experienced electricians are well-versed in installing recessed lighting in Raleigh and beyond. Our team can take care of your lighting needs quickly, and we do each job with a high level of precision and customer service. We commit ourselves to every job and won’t quit until our customers are fully satisfied.

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