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CMC Home Protection Plans

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The Best Plan by the Best Raleigh Electricians

When you need electrical, HVAC, or generator installation service, CMC Service Experts is the Raleigh area electrician to turn to. We have an electrical license in NC and provide high-quality service every time. Our Home Protection Plans ensure all our customers have access to service when they need us. Whether you need an electrician in Fayetteville, Raleigh, Clayton, Chapel Hill, or any other community in the area, membership ensures you get priority service, annual inspections, exclusive specials, and so much more!

Benefits of CMC’s Electrical Home Protection Plan

Our plans include Silver, Gold, and Platinum level services at a low monthly price. With CMC’s Electrical Home Protection Plan, you can get:


  • Priority Service: You and your family are our top priority. Call 24/7 and get next available, next day, or priority same-day service depending on your plan level. Our electricians are essentially waiting for your call day or night.
  • Exclusive Specials: We often make special offers available just to plan members. These deals and discounts provide the most value you can find in electrical services. You can therefore save substantially over time. And to help your home meet National Fire Protection Association standards, we’ll give you a 10% discount on related products and services.
  • Safety Inspections: Yearly safety inspections are included in our Electrical Home Protection Plan. Complete inspections help spot developing problems before a major electrical hazard threatens your safety. Tens of thousands of house fires occur in the U.S. every year due to electrical issues; we can help reduce the risk in your home.
  • Discounted Services: Get a 5% discount with our Silver plan, 10% discount with our Gold plan, and 15% discount by enrolling in our Platinum Home Protection Plan. That can add up to significant savings for just a small monthly fee.
  • Electrical Safety Testing: CMC Service Experts employs the latest tools and technologies to evaluate the safety of your electrical system annually. A safety evaluation is especially useful if you’re home is more than 40 years old, undergoing a major renovation, you’re purchasing a new house, or adding a major appliance. We’ll even test and replace smoke detector batteries every year.
  • Whole House Surge Protection: With our Gold plan you get a standard whole house surge protector, while our Platinum plan includes an ultra whole house surge protector. These systems protect against internal and external surges such as those from lightning strikes and fluctuations in utility power.
  • GFCI Replacements: A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter cuts the power to an outlet if electricity and water mix, preventing burns, sparks, and electric shock. Platinum plan members can have all their GFCI’s tested and up to two replaced per year at no additional cost.
  • Cost Savings: As an Electrical Home Protection Plan member, you have many opportunities to save on important services, both in the form of discounts and access to professional care that can avoid costly repair issues over time.

Reward Yourself with an HVAC Home Protection Plan

With our HVAC Home Protection Plan, 2 maintenance visits per year are included. We’ll send a technician to your home in the spring and fall, so your cooling and heating system are in peak condition leading into times of high demand. As an HVAC Comfort Club member, you’ll receive:

  • 21-Point Inspections: We have you completely covered when it comes to a thorough inspection. That means no minor issues will go unnoticed and quick repairs and adjustments are made to save you in terms of repair costs, efficiency, and system longevity.
  • Reminder Service: Plan members receive notification ahead of when it’s time to schedule regular maintenance. Many months can go by until you need an AC or heater tune-up; our team is prepared to send reminders, so you never forget important services.
  • Pre-Season Scheduling: We strongly recommend completing HVAC maintenance ahead of the summer or winter season, as breakdowns are most likely to occur during times of peak demand. Pre-season maintenance can avoid long repair wait times and inconveniences during steamy summer afternoons and frosty winter nights.
  • Monthly Payment Options: A number of financial incentives are included in our plan, including:
    • No Overtime Rates: You won’t pay another dime if service takes longer than expected, or we have to come out at night, on a weekend, or holiday.
    • Discount on Parts: Get 5%, 10%, or 15% off on HVAC parts and components depending on your level of membership.
    • Purchase Accrual: With our higher level membership options, you can get a $25 or $50 accrual on your purchase.
    • Repair Warranties: Most of our HVAC plan membership options include a 1-year repair warranty. For our highest level membership, a 2-year warranty is included.
    • 2 Year Inflation Protection: Available for top-level members, this ensures you don’t pay more for goods and services than you have to.

Read More About CMC’s Home Generator Protection Plan

Home generators are convenient to have, but like the rest of your electrical system, they require regular maintenance to ensure they run safely. Fortunately, CMC Service Experts provides a Home Generator Protection Plan that includes:

  • Generator Cleanings: Silver plan members get 2 cleanings per year while Gold plan members receive 3 generator cleanings per year. Platinum plan members receive 4 generator cleaning visits per year at no extra cost. A cleaner generator can run more safely and efficiently.
  • 8-Point Inspection: Get 1 or 2 inspection visits annually depending on your membership level, which include a comprehensive look at the function, efficiency, and safety of your home generator. We’ll also make sure your system is ready to respond when there’s a power outage.
  • Financial Incentives: Our Generator Home Protection Plan includes financial benefits such as:
    • Repair Discounts: Receive 5%, 10%, or 15% off repair work depending on membership level.
    • Dispatch and Diagnostic Fees Waived: Gold and Platinum members do not have to pay dispatch fees, while Platinum members get up to 1 hour of diagnostic services at no cost.
  • Remote Monitoring: With the Mobile Link™ feature, you can check in on your home generator when you are away.
  • Priority Service: Priority same-day Raleigh generator service is available to Platinum plan members, so wait time is minimal.
  • Cost Savings: Owning a generator and properly caring for it comes at a price; as a Home Protection Plan member, we can help make the cost of ownership affordable.

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CMC Service Experts is committed to ensuring your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. If you have a question such as “Do electricians offer payment plans?” or “Do GFCI breakers go bad?”, we can assist you. We’re also here to inform you of the range of benefits associated with being a Home Protection Plan member.

To sign up today or if you have questions, feel free to contact us at(919) 892-6651 or online.


    *Consultation fee applies unless covered by a warranty - Free quotes on whole-home generators


    Our Home Protection Plan

    Some of the perks of our protection plan are our priority service, annual whole-house safety evaluation, and discounted services.

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    We believe our customer’s electrical safety is of the utmost importance and that is why we provide a FREE safety inspection with every service.

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