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Expert Ceiling Fan Installation For a Cool, Comfy Living

On a warm summer afternoon in the Triangle area, there’s nothing quite like a house full of family, waiting for dinner to be served. Sitting in a rocking chair and drinking a glass of sweet tea, talking and laughing—there’s only one problem. Between the cooking and the body heat, the house can get too hot for comfort. With people constantly walking in and out, running the air conditioner just doesn’t make sense either. This is why the ceiling fan is the ultimate home accessory for Southern living. If you are looking for professional ceiling fan installation in Raleigh, NC, you can trust us to deliver nothing but the best for you and your families. Our team of experts have years and years of combined experience and use only the best quality material and equipment for all ceiling fan installation services.

Need a professional electrician to install your ceiling fan safely, efficiently, and affordably? Turn to CMC Service Experts! Call us at (919) 289-1868 today.

Advantages Of Installing A Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan in your home offers some fantastic benefits that you and your family can enjoy. Below we list and discuss some of the top benefits that you will get with our professional ceiling fan installation services here in Raleigh, NC.
Improves Cooling During Summer
Installing a ceiling fan in your home instantly improves cooling during the hot summer months. The angle of the blades of your ceiling fan are such that help to improve home circulation and create a natural breeze that leaves you feeling cooler than ever. It’s like having a natural chilly wind current in the very comforts of your own home.
Helps With Heating During Winter
Did you know that installing a ceiling fan in your home can also help with heating your home during the colder winter months? More specifically, a ceiling fan switches direction to also help with your heating during winter. The way this works is by the angle of the blades. Studies show that installing a ceiling fan in your home can actually help families lower their thermostats by 4°F without reducing heat or comfort levels whatsoever.
Reduces Energy Consumption
One of the greatest benefits of installing a ceiling fan is that it reduces your home’s energy consumption. If you are looking to add cool and comfort in your home while reducing your home’s cooling costs, then installing a ceiling fan is the best decision you could have ever made. Adding additional air conditioners use a great amount of energy and can tremendously increase your energy bill. Add comfort to your home and start saving money by installing a ceiling dan today!
Adds To Your Home Aesthetic
Installing a ceiling fan can instantly add to your home aesthetic, and makes for a great room centerpiece or décor! There are a number of ceiling fans that you can choose from – from material, to size, to lighting, it’s your decision! Make your living space or specific rooms in your house shine with your new ceiling fan, and enjoy the new comforts of your home.

Professional Ceiling Fan Repair, Assembly & Installation

Did you just purchase a new ceiling fan and don’t know how to install it? Don’t trust just anyone to install your ceiling fan. Ceiling fan wiring can be complicated, as the wires may cross with those that provide power to the rest of your home. Only a professional should figure out the best way to wire a ceiling fan without disturbing the rest of the home’s electrical system.

That’s where CMC Service Experts comes in. Our expert electricians have decades of experience with ceiling fans, and we’ve seen it all. Whether you live in the Raleigh, Clayton, Chapel Hill, Durham, or Fayetteville area, we are here to help! We’ll assemble and install your new ceiling fan so it’s balanced, quiet, and effective. You and your family will be more comfortable and spend less on your summer electrical bills. That means our work will pay for itself.

There’s no reason to sweat it any longer! , Call the professional electricians at CMC Service Experts, and we will install your ceiling fan fast. No worries, and no safety concerns. Plus, every service we provide is backed by our two-year warranty!

Dial (919) 289-1868 for more information or to schedule an appointment for your ceiling fan installation!


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