Indoor Air Quality in Willow Spring, North Carolina

Proven Solutions to Clean the Air in Your Home

The air you breathe in your home may be more harmful than the air outside. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency studies have shown that your indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside — even in smoggy, urban areas. So if you want to breathe easier, contact CMC Service Experts. We offer indoor air quality in Willow Spring, North Carolina.

CMC Service Experts indoor air quality solutions work with your HVAC system to treat the air throughout your home, and can help improve your family’s health, comfort and finances by controlling temperature, humidity, air purity and air freshness. Regardless of how dirty the air is in your home, you will notice a remarkable difference in the air quality and how much easier you breathe.

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Indoor Air Quality Services We Offer in Apex, North Carolina

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Air Duct Installation

We are a full-service ductwork company, providing fabrication, installation, and repair services for all of your air duct needs. When ductwork is corroded or installed poorly, you could be paying a lot more in heating and cooling costs than necessary. We can help you save money with our air duct installation services in Willows Spring, North Carolina.

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Air Duct Repair

CMC Service Experts can solve air duct problems with our complete ductwork solutions. We will inspect your home to identify problem areas and recommend solutions such as duct sealing, duct repair, and duct insulation. Contact your local dealer today to get started with a free estimate on air duct repair in Willow Spring, North Carolina.


Humidity Control

When you live in North Carolina, it’s hard to control the humidity in your house. The summers are humid and the winters are dry.  CMC Service Experts offers humidity control solutions in Willow Spring, North Carolina. Our team can install humidifiers and dehumidifiers in a single room or for your whole house. Call today for an estimate.


Air Purifications Systems

We provide a range of quality air purification systems that work in an isolated area or throughout your house. Air purification solutions can include air purifiers, UV purifiers, air filters, or other solutions. Call today and schedule a consultation from an indoor air quality specialist from CMC Service Experts.

What Gives CMC An Edge?

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Financing Options Available for Indoor Air Quality Services

CMC Service Experts offers a range of flexible financing options with various terms and repayment plans that fit your budget. We make it easy to apply for financing and even easier to get the funding your need for your upcoming repair or replacement. Some of our financing options include

Why Choose CMC Service Experts

Comfort Club Plan

For the ultimate savings, you can sign up for our comfort club plan. We offer priority service, whole-house safety evaluations, and discounts on services.

Red Carpet Service

We treat all of our customers as if they are our family. So you can always expect top notch service and craftsmanship.

Safety First Approach

Working with HVAC systems can be dangerous, so we make sure safety is our number one priority. With all of our services, we offer a free safety inspection that can bring light to any possible safety concerns in your home.

Around The Clock Service

You can never tell when you’ll experience a heating or cooling issue. Whatever time of day it might be, you can trust us to show up. We offer 24/7 and same-day emergency service calls. We put you first!

Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty 

We stand behind our service and installations for life. If we find out that we installed something improperly per code at the time of installation, we will make it right. The warranty does not apply to making alterations based on updated codes after the installation.

1-year parts and labor for new installs

1-year parts and labor on service calls

Manufacturers’ warranties vary. Most are 10-year parts with a 20-year or lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

Indoor Air Quality products – 1-year parts and labor on what we install. Dynamic (brand) IAQ products provide a lifetime warranty.

Schedule Indoor Air Quality Services in Willow Spring, North Carolina

At CMC Service Experts, we promote living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we offer indoor air quality in Willow Spring, North Carolina. Contact us today to learn more about all the options available for creating a healthier environment in your home. Our technicians have the skill and experience necessary to help you with any air quality solution. 

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Specialized Indoor Air Quality Services We Offer

Temperature Zoning

Temperature zoning refers to breaking up your home into different heating or cooling zones. For example, say your upstairs’ rooms are always much warmer than the downstairs rooms (not uncommon because heat rises), you can install one thermostat upstairs and one downstairs and individually control each zone. We can customize your zoning program and optimize your temperature control.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide detectors are designed to warn you of any unusual build-up of CO in your home. These higher levels of CO may occur from improperly maintained, installed or used fuel-burning appliances, backdrafting appliances or fireplaces, or idling cars in garages. We can install a detector in areas of your house where carbon monoxide may be present.

High-Efficiency Filters

A high-efficiency filter is a great solution if you want to keep your HVAC system clean through all seasons. We have several different types of filters to choose from. We simply place the filter where your normal filter goes and change the filter according to manufacturer specifications. High-efficiency filters trap micron particles and keep them from going through your HVAC system and back into your home.

Protect the Most Expensive Appliance in Your Home





Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Air Quality Services

Whether you are using your furnace or air conditioner, your HVAC system circulates air through your homme. When the air comes out of the vents, it goes back through the HVAC system. An air purification system can trap the dirty air that comes out of the vents and keep it from going back through the system. 

Yes. Air purifiers usually consist of a filter, or multiple filters, and a fan that sucks in and circulates air. As air moves through the filter, pollutants and particles are captured, and the clean air is pushed back out into the living space. Typically, filters are made of paper, fiber (often fiberglass) or mesh, and they require regular replacement to maintain efficiency.

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